Flu shots-starting in September


It's that time of year again-time to start school and time to start preparing for flu season!

Once again, Village Pediatrics will offer several Saturday flu clinics in September and October plus Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons to help your family get protected from the flu. We do not recommend getting your flu shot before mid-September due to the possibility of waning coverage (unless that is the ONLY time you'll be able to receive the vaccine).

Influenza season usually lasts from December-March with a peak in February. Most sources report that the flu shot lasts 6-8 months with some studies suggesting their benefit can start to decline after 4-6 months (especially coverage for Flu B).

We, along with the CDC and ACIP, recommend that everyone over the age of 6 months of age gets a flu shot every year. In general, getting a flu shot can reduce the risk of flu illness by 40-60%. A 2017 study showed that getting the flu vaccine can reduce your child's chance of dying from influenza by 65%.

You can call after September 1st to make an appointment for a flu clinic. 913-642-2100

Saturday, Sept 22, 8-12pm
Every Saturday in October, 8-12pm
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting September 18 from 2-4pm.