Dear Village families -


The safety and well-being of our patients is our primary concern.

As the days and weeks move forward, we must focus on keeping our community as healthy as possible in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. At Village Pediatrics, we have been monitoring the latest announcements and have been communicating with area health resources daily. We have been adjusting our scheduling and phone advice protocols, along with our cleansing and disinfecting/rooming procedures in order to prevent the spread of illness.

We would like our patients and families to know that there will be new developments during the COVID-19 outbreak and we cannot predict how quickly advice and information may change. We recommend monitoring the CDC website at: for the most up-to-date information on national recommendations. In the event there are patients who become ill and require COVID-19 testing, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is coordinating all testing for COVID-19.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is also regularly updating its site with helpful information as we progress through the COVID-19 outbreak. We appreciate your commitment to helping us keep our community safe!

Please call us @ (913) 642-2100, if your child becomes ill.  


Village Pediatrics, L.L.C.

The events unfolding in our nation that are, in-part sparked by the killing of George Floyd Sr. in Minneapolis, Minnesota have been both disturbing and traumatizing. Further, this comes on the heels of navigating through the effects and after-effects of a global pandemic. Adults and chiIdren alike are watching a crisis, fueled by systemic racism unfoId and are struggIing to process the current state of affairs.

At Village Pediatrics, LLC we recognize that inequality and racism targeting Black citizens shows up in many aspects of our lives. We also recognize that in the very difficult times in which we live, it becomes even more important to come together as a community. We believe that we ALL play a roIe in building a healthier society with equity at the center.

Together, we can indeed improve our systems of education, heaIth, environment and even law enforcement city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block. Until our nation is a Village united, we will continue to work for change.

Thank you for being a part of our village!

Marion Pierson, MD-Partner/Owner
Amanda Hostetler, MD-Partner/Owner
Lance Slaymaker, DO-Partner/Owner